Linwood Beach Marina and Campground on Saginaw Bay - Linwood Michigan April 2, 2015


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Saginaw Bay Fishing Report

3/24/15 The Marina and Bay are still mostly ice covered. There are some open water spots in the marina basin. Only ice access is from ramp, and since conditions are questionable, we've seen no fishermen in over a week. The predicted wind tomorrow may change the landscape soon. 3/17/15 Recent temps have honey combed the ice on the bay and in the marina basin. The water has been flowing under the bridge by the gas dock making the area around the docks and launch ramp questionable. Traffic is being stopped at the bridge by the store to limit driving on the gravel parking area while the ground is soft and prone to ruts. Seasonal launch passes are still available. Boating season just around the corner!! 02/11/15 Fishermen are reporting Walleye being caught in good numbers from 16-22' feet of water. Most are accessing those depths from main trail in the Linwood Rd. area, or just north of the marina. We suggest being very careful when venturing beyond main trail. Check ice often and spud crack crossings. The most active pressure crack is just off shore in 2-4' feet of water. Lure selection varies by fisherman. Spoons, jigging Raps, slip bobbers, tip-ups all produce fish. Perch fishermen in the marina basin report few fish being caught during the last week. Focus seems to be on Walleye at this time. Good luck to those participating in the first annual LINWOOD FROZEN FRENZY. 01/23/2015 It looks like ice fishing is finally in full swing. Fisherman are reporting 8" of ice in most areas. not many are crossing the crack at the 2 1/2 - 3 mile mark in front of the marina. Most everyone we are talking to are reporting limit catches. Jigging spoons and walleye minnows are the bait of choice. After dark the glow spoons are producing nice catches. Fisherman are reporting a few open water spots about 3 miles out in the 18-19 FOW area, be cautious when fishing near these areas. Good Luck, BE SAFE ~john 01/12/2015 there are fisherman fishing in the basin and they are reporting an average of 6" of ice. The fishing is slow in the basin. We can see fisherman walking out onto the bay. We have not gotten an ice report or fish report from anyone walking out. 01/02/2014 Yes, there is ice on the basin. Talking to the few fisherman that are out there and they are reporting 4" of ice. The fishing is slow, however they are happy to be on the ice. Please remember DO NOT ACCESS THE ICE FROM THE DOCK OR ROCKS!! Use the launch ramp only and walk to the area you want on the ice. Again do not walk down the rocks or on the docks. Future fishing access depends on this simple rule. ~Thank you, good luck and be safe ~John 12/29/2015 With the continued warmer than normal weather the boat basin is 90% ice free. The fisherman around the gas dock area are occasionally catching nice perch. the fisherman using boats in the basin are doing well accessing areas inside the basin. the launch docks are removed, however fisherman are still launching. there is NO charge for those fisherman that bring boats to fish in the basin. Good Luck, Be safe and Happy New Year. ~John 12/01/2014 With the wind and warmer weather the ice that was on the boat basin and channel is now gone. Perch fishing is picking up around the gas dock area. A few fisherman are using small boats to access the waters inside the basin. The channel markers have been removed as well as the launch docks. For those fisherman wishing to use the launch ramp there is no charge. We have plenty of great minnows in stock. Good Luck and be safe ~ John 11/21/2014 We have been getting many calls about ice conditions inside the marina basin. The ice is very thin right now and we are doing work inside the basin with the barge and crane. this will weaken the already thin ice and cause extra hazards. Due to the work schedule for seawall repairs we strongly discourage people from walking on the ice. As soon as we are done with the work we will make a post. Also for updated fishing reports follow our Facebook page for Linwood Beach Marina. Thank you ~John

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